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In the last month, I have been contacted by a good number of potential clients about websites. Some from small businesses and some from churches. While the majority of them are wanting to update their current or old website, there are a few that don’t have one at all!

While none of these ideas are original to me, I wanted to share a few reasons why having a website is important, and not just any website, but a well designed website.


Your website is a front door to your business or church that is always open. Since your website is accessible 24 hours a day, they can easily contact you or see what services you provide.


I am working with a client that worked in the corporate world for over 20 years and now has stepped out to run his own business. One problem with that...he doesn't have a website and has lost several potential customers because of that fact. He comes highly recommended and has a great reputation in his profession, yet, not having a website has lowered his credibility.

A great feature of boosting your credibility is showcasing testimonials of actual clients or consumers. Also, providing facts that display your knowledge, of the industry you are in, will strengthen your credibility.


While having a website for accessibility and credibility are important, those won't matter if those visiting your site are turned away, because of poor performance and sub-par design. Anyone can develop a site using a template, but what will set you apart from others, in your industry, is a custom designed website. Design and performance should be a high priority for you, because statistics show they are a high priority for the average person visiting your site.

75% of users admit to making judgments about a company's credibility based on their website's design.

Remember, your website is your first impression. Make it count!

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.

Regardless of the industry you are in, your website is the most important marketing tool you have! I cannot stress this enough. Usually when someone contacts me for a new branding or rebranding project, they most always confirm redoing their website as a necessity. More important than a mobile app, EDDM campaigns, billboards, etc. is the design, content, and messaging of your website. Period.

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