Why Does Good Design Matter to the Church? Part 3

Here is Part 3 of why good design should matter to your church....

It Matters to God

Every church is different. Every church is trying to reach their specific community, and with that comes different cultures, ages, and backgrounds. Why, then, are we trying to mimic exactly what another church across the country or on social media is doing?

One of the first things we try and communicate to our clients is that each one must be true and real with themselves. A church in Hawaii will communicate differently than a church in the Bible belt on the mainland.

In order to effectively reach your community, you must communicate effectively to create understanding among your audience.

ONE OF MY CORE BELIEFS AS A DESIGNER is to create custom designs. I want to make sure everything in that flyer, on that website, or out in your community REFLECTS YOUR VISION but also CONNECTS PEOPLE to that vision. Don't be satisfied with what you have always done or used. If churches and Christians use art and design in the right way, it could be the vehicle that brings more people to the Savior.

"Do all things decently and in order."

We believe that whole heartedly applies to the way you communicate to your community. Why should good design matter to the church? Because it matters to God.

Now that you know WHY it matters, answer these questions for me:

  • Does your church website make a good first impression?

  • Is the first time guest greeted with materials that are informative and look nice?

  • Do your nursery and classroom signs all have a cohesive look?

  • Are the screens and sermon outlines fresh and not distracting?

  • Does your church stationary and pastor's business cards look professional?

  • Are the flyers you give your members to pass out in the community attractive?

How did you do? Need any help in these areas?

In case you missed it. Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

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