Meet Susannah

Describe your typical schedule, what do you do in a typical day/week?

My typical day in the office is making sure all of our clients are kept happy! When projects come in, I add them to our project pipeline, schedule Milestones to be completed, and update our designer's project lists.

I also check and respond to all new inquiries and any emails that come in, and send design proofs to be approved by clients, as their projects are completed. I also handle our bookkeeping.

Once a week I schedule the week's Social Media posts, create content for upcoming Newsletters, and update our calendar with upcoming projects, among other things.

Worst moments. Best Moments. What are yours? Worst moments by far are when we fail to meet a deadline. I am very type A, and the struggles of working with someone that is creative has been a learning curve. What I think should take a certain amount of time, may take a lot more time for a designer to get inspiration, create, and design.

Sometimes, clients end up wanting to go a different direction after the initial design is presented, and that could push deadlines back even further.

I am learning, when I am giving a client a due date, to take the time that the designer tells me it will take to complete and double that. (If the designer says something will take 2 weeks, I tell the client 4 weeks.) This allows time for changes and revisions, and doesn't let the client down, when something takes longer than expected.

Best Moments? When we both have a vision for something and make it happen. I am usually a little hesitant when Stephen comes up with a new idea, but once I am in, I am all in. We recently decided to go way out of our comfort zone with a project (keep an eye out for more details coming soon), and are now sitting back in amazement of how it has already exceeded our expectations.

What do you like most about working for SHouk Designs? Our clients. Because of them we are where we are today. Word of mouth is one of the most common ways people find us. Starting a business is scary, when it's the only income you have for your family, and succeeding at what we do is vitally important.

Thankfully, we compliment each others strengths and weakness, and it is a nice balance that makes us push ourselves to the next level.

Susannah is passionate about advocating for foster care and adoption, through Always More Room. In the last year, she has led several projects to help children in foster care and foster families in the Cleveland area.

She also enjoys serving as a Team Nursery Leader in her church, and, when she gets a chance, she enjoys listening to podcasts, watching old TV shows, and getting a quiet moment away from our four kids.

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