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Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Describe one thing you wish everyone knew about working in the creative ministry field and why it is important: I wish everyone knew that design is a form of communication. Every aspect of a design communicates something and in order to be effective, the message must be clear and unified around a central purpose.

Describe how you find inspiration. Just as writers often find inspiration in books, I find inspiration by studying, and appreciating others' designs.

What are some of your best moments in Creative Ministry? My favorite moments in creative ministry are when I get the opportunity to see the results of my design. Not the printed product, but the people reached through gospel tracts and church invitations. Hearing about the decisions made at teen camp and the souls saved at an Easter service give purpose to my job. To know that I had a small part in God's work is the most rewarding part of creative ministry.

To know that I had a small part in God's work is the most rewarding part of creative ministry.

What made you want to join the team at Stephen Houk Designs, as a graphic designer? It is my desire to design for churches and different ministries across America. Working under an experienced designer has also been a fantastic opportunity to sharpen my skills and to become more effective in creative ministry.

Leanne does all things creative. While she has been a vital asset to us as a Freelance Designer for SHouk Designs, she also works as the Outreach Secretary and Graphic Designer for her church in Arizona.

She enjoys serving in her home church, by discipling new Christians and singing in the choir, spending time outdoors hiking and running, as well as enjoying a good cup of coffee!

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