A Desert Launch Day!

Today we interviewed, Jon Guy, who recently launched Citypoint Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ.

How has having a consistent look in your brand helped the community connect with your church? I think having a fresh and attractive look helps you stand out among other established churches that put less effort into branding. Being consistent has helped with name recognition as well in the community.

Tell us about the importance of having good signage, while using a rented space. The more the better! We recently just ordered additional signage because we want to make it as clear as possible where we meet. We also don’t want people to be frustrated their first time visiting because they can’t figure out where our kids ministry meets. Our particular venue is in an outdoor shopping area with other businesses, so we’ve found signage helpful for getting the word out as people go to the coffee shop or restaurant on Sunday morning. We’ve had people visit our church specifically because of they saw our signs.

What are some items you used to help the community know about the launch of Citypoint? What results did you see from these? We’ve done canvassing, social media, google ads, newspaper ads, banner ads, a direct mailer, movie theater ads, park outreaches, the meetup app, and lots of word of mouth. We’ve seen result from nearly everything that we’ve done. My advise would be to saturate as much as possible.

How did your preview services help prepare your team and attendees for the final launch day? We were able to build a local launch team from our preview services so that by our launch day we already had volunteers in place. It was also incredibly helpful for our leadership team to work through a lot of the ins and outs of setup, tear down, music, kids, offering, preaching, follow up, and assimilation. I believe we were much more prepared for launch day than if we hadn’t done preview services.

Jon Guy, along with his family and launch team, started the Citypoint Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ last fall. As an agency, we are thankful to have had a small part in their launch through providing clear and custom brand development for Citypoint.

We are excited to see this church plant grow as they help people find and follow Jesus!

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