Make Mother's Day Special

Updated: May 3, 2019

You may be seeing a lot of new faces in your church next Sunday as Mother's Day is the third largest attended Sunday of the year.

You may already be thinking and planning how to make this Mother's Day special for your members and guests. Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.


Film a short video of the children in your church answering questions about why they love their mom. Keep it short and light-hearted. They will surprise you with their answers and everyone loves to see their kids on the big screen!


Make your gift something that will appeal to a wide range of women.

Depending on your budget, a simple flower, coffee gift card, or a Bath and Body Works hand soap are all good options.

Those church keychains and magnets are worn out ideas. Not many women get too excited about those.


Let moms off the hook for breakfast. Announce there will be coffee and biscotti or donuts before the morning service.

Having a special lunch after church for those in your church who have no one to celebrate with is also a good idea.


This is the perfect chance for moms to get that family picture as everyone gets a little dressed up for Mother's Day.

You don't need a professional photographer. Most people would rather have a picture on their phone so it is ready to post on social media immediately.

Photo booths don't have to be exclusive to moms, It is a perfect way to include everyone.


Lastly, it's important to remember to celebrate all women on Mother's Day.

On Mother's Day, celebrate all women.

Make sure all women present are acknowledged. Say a kind word recognizing that Mother's Day may not be all that joyful for everyone. Be sensitive and make all the women feel seen and loved no matter what their story is.

It will definitely be a meaningful Sunday for all if you appreciate and bless all the women in the church this Mother's Day.

We hope you have a joyous Mother's Day and that some of these ideas will help you have a great celebration!

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