A breath of fresh air for a struggling church.

Liberty had been through several transitions over its long history. The most recent transition almost divided the church. The installment of a new pastor with renewed vision and an energy to return to their mission and core values has brought a breath of fresh air to the church. Liberty is in prime position for an amazing comeback story.

Located in Bristol, Connecticut, a community filled with hard-working people, this is not only a beautiful place, but a place peopel call home. Lined with green, lush, and vibrant landscapes, this ares is surrounded by God's glory, yet there is an emptiness in the rituals and religious traditions. Liberty is a place of new life, and where people can connect, grow, serve, and share the love of Jesus.


Liberty never had a logo of any kind. It became clear right away that the church needed to be inspired visually. Part of branding is getting your core believers and followers to support the vision and become the core message bearers. These are vital relationships that are vital to the success of the brand and the implementation of the new logo identity system.

We began with a long video meeting with the new pastor and his core leaders. Many of these people had not only grown up in Bristol but had grown up in the church. They knew the history, but they also embraced the future and were excited about the process of the rebrand. This meeting we gathered a lot of information and feedback that could not have been given by the new pastor alone.

In our research we provided a few directions in the logo design, however our leaning was toward the final product. Something that symbolized hope, growth, and life. As we developed the branch there were a couple things we wanted to focus on:

  • Five leaves. There are five branches each with one leaf at its end. The number five in the bible symbolizes God's grace. It is a picture of how God's grace had sustained this hurting church and how His grace was going to guide them into a future of growth.

  • Up and out. The purpose of the box is to provide a depth of the branches growing up and outward. This the mission and the desire of the church. That their influence would grow far and wide into their community.

  • Green color. The color green is tricky, but in this instance it just made sense. It speaks to growth but also generosity. The generosity of God's people wanting to continue to invest in their church and community, and the generosity of Jesus wanting to continue blessing this body of believers.


The simplicity of the logo movement and lines allow versatility in the brand communication. The red line can be seen as a continual visual representation of the church's mission. It is meant to grab attention without being overbearing. The colors are contrasting and work well for a modern urban scene.


The final step was to put together a comprehensive brand identity system guide book which clearly spelled out Liberty Baptist's vision language along with instructions on how to effectively put the fully identity system to use.

As a new pastor it was refreshing to have Stephen not just spearhead the design work, but also provide his experience and advice when it came to messaging and marketing. The new logo has been well received in our church and community!

Pastor at Liberty Baptist Church