Frequently Asked Questions


How does the membership program work?

Once you complete the new work form you will be contacted within 24 hours. You will receive our membership bundle pricing brochure which will give you all the benefits, details, and commitments for the membership program. Upon signing the membership contract and setting up your monthly payment, you will receive invitations to our Members Facebook Group, a online Google Drive folder, and be shared a private form for submitting your first projects. We will set up a call within the first few days of you signing the contract that will serve to answer any questions you may have about our process.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Our membership program is for 12 months. We try hard to make sure each client in our membership program is committed prior to signing a contract. There is a penalty for cancelling your contract and will be highlighted in your contract before signing you up.
  • Other projects have a similar contract but is based on the amount of work already completed up to the time of cancellation. There are no refunds provided unless otherwise mentioned in the contract.

What is not included in the Membership Program?

You can use your monthly design credits toward any project or design need. The exclusion would be in accumulating your credits to be used toward a website or branding project. Those two projects are set up differently and require a completely separate contract and process. We also do not include video production or editing, unless it is talked about prior to you submitting a project request.

What is your turnaround time for a typical project?

For all of our projects (excluding websites and branding), there is a standard 2 week turnaround. There is a good possiblity that projects can be completed within that time. The important to keep in mind is that projects are to be thought through and submitted with adequate time to finish the design, proofing, and any printing process your project requires.

What type of files do we get with our project?

At the completion of every project, we provide you the print or digital ready files that you will need first. Any other editable file assets we have created or accumulated during your project will be uploaded to your Google Drive folder. We also hold onto every project and its files forever in case you do not have the capacity to hold onto them. File formats usually included Adobe application formats (PSD, INDD, AI, etc.), as well as PDF, EPS, SVG, JPG, PNG, etc.

Do you work with clients who already have a designer on staff?

Absolutely! We acknowledge there may be a person on your staff that could very well be doing your day to day design projects, however there are many clients who have reached out to us for special projects beyond the staff designer's scope or expertise. Many times we have clients outsourcing projects to us simply to offload the plate of their designers. We work well with other designers and do our best to keep within the boundaries set up by the creative director.

Do you only work with churches?

Although churches are a niche market for us, we do not turn down work from non-profits, and other businesses. Usually the messaging comes easier to us when workign with churches, however we have had several non-profit and for-profit clients work well with us.

Do you use only Adobe applications?

Adobe has long been the industry standard. There are other alternatives such as Affinity, however, we are proficient in Adobe and have no future plans in changing that. We do our best to provide you the files and formats that would best give you the immediate results to finishing your project. As far as long-term access and editing of those files, would be dependent on your access to the Adobe applications.

How does your proofing process work?

We use an online application called GoProof. It is one of the easiest and best online proofing applications that allows us to sync each proof to our documents in the Adobe application we are created it in. This helps cut down on mistakes, time, and any other thing that could go wrong while trying to close out a project. You can include multiple people with different roles/permissions to your proofing team. They will be notified every time we send out a proof. Once it is electronically signed off, that is when we send you your final project files. Sign off is vitally important to our accuracy and competency as a company.

You use "Custom" often on your site, how "custom" are your designs?

We hold true to that word "custom" as one of our defining reasons people continue contacting us for their design needs. We do not use templates. We do not copy other designers creations, however we do have several designers we use as inspiration to new design directions and trends. On rare occasion we may have a client that specifically requests for us to use a design we created for another client to be used for their project. We usually comply, but not after changing or improving on the design they chose. In our contract, every project we create (unless it is specific to that client's brand), we can reuse or resell.

Why don't you have a free trial for your membership program?

We typically recommend a client work with us first on a project, whether large or small, if they are interested in a long-term membership program.